Welcome to Table-side Talks with Luke!

We are here to spawn dialogue on what’s important. I, Luke Kerley, am here to dive into what’s on my mind but also surely yours. Join me in a journey of tackling real-life pressing issues, as we sit and discuss what’s necessary for table-side life. Pour yourself a beverage, maybe a coffee, maybe a beer, but if you’re under 21, I recommend HI-C or Sunny D.

– Luke
Ideal setting for a tableside talk

This blog changed my perspective on life! I am so much more open-minded and understand why Luke knows what he’s talking about. Great blog from a great guy.

– Tommy J

I don’t know how I wouldn’t get through the day without reading Luke’s blog. Table side talks! Also did you know he has a podcast? What can this man not do?

– Jenny H (one impressed fan)

This blog is pretty funny. That’s all.

– One appreciative dude