5 Snacks you Forgot from your Childhood

  1. Gripz  remember these bad boys? Available in cheeze-it and chocolate chip flavoring and if you didn’t choose cheese… I’m sorry about your childhood.
  2. Baby Bottle Pops – I personally was never a fan of these but dang, I just had a rush of childhood mems when I thought about these. “Baby Bottle Pop. It’s Baby Bottle Pop!” and they would sing it over and over. If you don’t know this one man you must be 12 years old.
  3. Scooby Doo Fruit Snax – The blue gummy hit different. Enough said.
  4. Ritz Bits S’mores – Man, I feel old just typing away about these guys. Not only are Ritz bits peanut butter my go to road trip snack, they used to be a staple in my diet middle school thru high school. These are considerably the nectar of the gods but they stopped producing them and now they are just files in our childhood memory banks.
  5. French Toast Crunch – Like your typical OG Cinnamon Toast Crunch but arguably better. Who knew you could take your favorite brunch item and make it a cereal. If you don’t agree these were flame, then I don’t even know what to think of life anymore.

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