How do Rappers acquire their Nicknames?

I think we can all go out on a limb here and say that rapper’s names are not actually their real names. In fact, Jay-Z‘s real name is Shawn Corey Carter & Drake‘s first name is Aubrey. There’s clearly a reason they go by Jay-Z & Drake and NOT Shawn and Aubrey.

Is Lil Jon really that little or was Roddy Ricch, Roddy poor before he made it? The real question is, how do these guys come to these names? While it seems complex, it really isn’t. Roddy Ricch comes from his first name Rodrick and Ricch is just cool because it’s rich but with tho c’s … now that’s thicc – like his bank account. Lil Jon is the most explainable of them all. His real name is Johnathan Smith and he is 5’6, so it makes sense why he’s Lil Jon and not Sir John Smith; plus it just sounds cooler.

How did Aubrey become Drake? Well, Drake’s idol is his father, who he has referenced several times in his songs and his dad is even the cover of his album, “More Life.” The answer is simple, his father’s middle name is actually Drake (Dennis Drake Graham) and soon enough, the stage name stuck and is now one of the most recognizable names in the entire music industry.

Michael Lamar White the 4th. Sounds like royalty right? No, it’s Trippie Redd. Personally as a fan of his music, I had to understand why he’s Trippie Redd and not Michael the 4th. Well, it’s quite simple. By his friends and peers, he’s often considered to be a confused or “trippy” dude and his original rap name was Trippie Hippie but he felt that discredited his name as a rapper, thus changing the Hippie to Redd for the cherry on top.

So, if you’re an up & coming rapper who still hasn’t nailed that rap name down, it’s okay. The name will come naturally. Maybe use your dad’s middle name if it sounds cool or switch up your first name to maintain that consistent brand. Just know that your rap name is extremely important because I’m sure you’d rather be called Drake and not Aubrey the rapper. If your music is there and you just need a name, ACT NOW, otherwise you might be too late to the game young blood.

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