Jake Paul turns Nate Robinson into a meme overnight

“hey Alexa play heybb! by Binki”

In case you missed it or didn’t feel like paying for an overpriced, pay-per-view fight put on by Triller… YouTuber and internet personality, Jake Paul, took on former 3x NBA dunk contest champion, Nate Robinson. Despite his athletic prowess and having the ability to dunk at 5’9, Nate Robinson put up very little fight. Getting domed by Jake Paul is quite possibly one of life’s lowest blows and not only that, he is now regarded as a hilarious meme and not a pro baller.

The fight was originally for charity and bragging rights but it clearly has led to more and left the sports world absolutely speechless. How could a former professional athlete lose to Jake Paul? As little bro of Logan Paul, whom was brought to spotlight after willingly filming a dead man hanging from a tree in a Japanese forest and exploiting him for views on his channel. Youtube suspended his account for little to no time and gave him a slap on the wrist after publicly humiliating the sad sad reality of suicide and using it to gain more followers. However, that is an issue for another day…

Like his brother, Jake Paul is no simpleton to absurdity and doing anything possible to gain views and followers. Aside from being a clout-chaser, Jake Paul has entered his name into the boxing scene. After fighting and beating Deji, little brother of YouTube star KSI -little bro drama amiright- he is calling out almost everyone to fight him. Jake has been training for over a year and gotten comfortable in the ring; enough to take on Nate Robinson. Met with little trouble, Jake Paul managed to extend his boxing record to 2-0 after knocking out Nate Robinson in the 2nd round; quite possibly the greatest moment of 2020.

After humiliating Nate Robinson, Jake Paul is hungry for more. With a lengthy 2 wins and 0 losses, he feels it is now time to fight professional fighter, Dillon Danis, and two-time UFC champion of the world, Conor McGregor. Jake has taken to twitter, challenging several potential foes and claiming he would “knock them out.” One of his fights will even be against his own blood, his brother Logan, which surely breaks a “unbreakable” bond – no pun intended. All jokes aside, Jake Paul may be talking too much talk, as he is trying to fight people who legitimately fight for a living; but for now, we will just have to wait and see. Also, it goes to mention that he had a 4 inch height advantage and a 6 inch reach between him and Nate Robinson, but apparently none of that matters. If you know anything about boxing, you would also know that’s not a real fight because those heights and weights separate the fighters by at least two weight classes but who cares… As for Nate Robinson, all we can do is hope and pray he overcomes this meme-ry and fully redeems himself.

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