The Paul Brothers will Stop at Nothing

Just one day after writing about his brother Jake, – coincidence? I think not – Logan Paul is atop all sports headlines today. Logan Paul, Mr. Maverick, is ready to fight undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather in arguably the most interesting sports event of all of 2021. One of the greatest fighters of all-time, Floyd Mayweather, has absolutely no fear as he willingly accepted this fight via Instagram – just to show how much this exhibition match means to him.

Logan Paul, former vine-star turned YouTube personality, feels he is more of a boxer than he is a pretty boy… either way he loves still the camera attention. Not even winning a boxing match in his career, nothing troubles Logan, as he feels he is completely ready to fight someone who has never lost in his career of boxing. However, like his little brother, he is weeding his way through the official rules of boxing and is fighting a man 6 inches shorter than him. As tall as me, Floyd Mayweather is 5’8 and only weighs 150 pounds, yet Logan is 6’2 and nearly 200 pounds; a whopping 50 pound difference. Yet even then, that still is no issue for either fighter, as both of them feel they will win by a landslide. However, if you know anything about boxing and how Floyd fights, you should understand this should be an easy dub, even at 43 years old.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our childhoods, it’s don’t talk too much talk because you might end up like the “boy who cried wolf.” Logan Paul, like his brother Jake, is insisting on fighting men who not only have come from intensive childhoods and didn’t make their money off of dancing in front of a green screen, but have fought for their lives, both physically and emotionally. Even though Logan stands high and mighty above Floyd, it seems his ego is much bigger than his biceps. I can say all I want about how idiotic it is to fight a multi-world champion boxer, but then I also want to the watch the fight and hope Logan Paul receives a life lesson.

Is it for clout? Is it for the money? Is it because Logan Paul legitimately thinks he can knockout a boxer that’s never been knocked out ever in his life? Honestly, it’s probably yes to all three of them and that’s the sad reality of what fame does to people. I mean who in their right mind would fight someone that has humiliated his opponents for decades…? Not only that, Floyd stepped out of retirement to fight UFC champion, Conor McGregor, who was confident enough he could take his talents from the octagon and enter the ring, “destroying the old man.” Long story short, Conor put up a more impressive fight than we all expected, yet Floyd ended it easily, forcing the ref to call it in the 8th round – we were all afraid Conor was going to die. So if a maniac like Conor McGregor can’t even beat Mr. Money Mayweather, how can a YouTube personality whose never even won a boxing match, beat an undefeated professional opponent?

Ladies and Gents, the moral of this story is, stay in your lane. Just because you have a six pack and you’ve won some sparring matches at your local gym doesn’t mean you can take on arguably the greatest boxer of all time. I will be counting down the days until the fight, – yes, I will certainly pay the premium to watch this fight- but for now, I have a semester to finish.

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