7 Nostalgic Youtube Videos that’ll surely make You feel Old

“Snape, savorous Snape!” (2007)
  1. At number one, we have Potter puppet pals. At a solid 240p resolution, this video is 13 years old! I was 8 when this came out and boy did it remain in my head all these years.
“Hey! Got any grapes?” (2010)

2. This 10-year old gem of a video speaks to me. When I’m down I might “waddle” my way over to this video for some childish joy. How can you hate this video? If you’re a hater, hope you have some coal for Christmas; as I might help myself to an iced cold lemonade.

“The schoolbooks say it can’t be done again. Chocolate rain!” (2007)

3. This video is as elegant as it gets. A little over 13 years ago, YouTube sensation, “TayZonday” graced us with this beautiful song. I mean who doesn’t love this video? This video is what made Youtube so good many years ago and Youtube loves to put this video in your recommended every 5 years. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just watch the video. I’m sure you’ll be speechless.

“And BOOM goes the dynamite!” (2005)

4. This 15-year old video was regularly quoted in the Kerley home and has become a staple in the sports world. A college sports commentator overcomes a very understandable show of jitters and fully redeems himself with quite arguably the best sports commentator phrase of all-time, “Boom goes the dynamite.” At first, you feel bad for him but by the end of it and you can see he is creating a commentating masterpiece. What a way to overcome yourself Brian! Hope all is well all today, many years after this dynamite display of commentary, you legend.

“Look at all those chickens!” (2013)

5. Of the more recent videos, this 7-year old YouTube delight resurfaced on Vine, which if you had one, you probably quote this regularly. Whether it was staged or not, you cannot get mad at this girl for saying chickens. What clearly are a flock of geese makes the video so much better and should leave you with a smirk on your face or maybe even a chuckle, especially if you’re in a bad mood.

“You are so dumb. You are so dumb for real.” (2010)

6. Rape is no joking matter. The backstory behind this video is atrocious but you cannot make up this display of a perfect local news interview. This 10 year old video was immediately viral and not only that, youtube had its fair share of fun remixing it and turning it into a hit comedic song. Even today, I still laugh at how this interview was caught on camera, becoming an instant YouTube classic for the memory banks.

“Apparently!” – PA state fair kid (2014)

7. This 6 year old video is pure joy. Nothing like giving a kid a microphone and letting him going to town. Must’ve heard his grandpa say apparently and immediately incorporated it into his vocabulary. Not only that, this viral video landed him a spot on Ellen and the rest was history. Apparently this is pretty funny and you should watch it!

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