Is W.B. Mason Mob-Affiliated?

Image from wikipedia
The infamous truck (image from wikipedia)

We’ve seen them everywhere in Manhattan, trucking their way through the busy streets of New York City; doing God knows what. A so-called office supply company from Brockton Massachusetts, W.B. Mason trucks are all around the Northeast. While they say they supply the greater Northeast, formerly known as Brady country, it’s finally time we address what W.B. Mason actually does. My girlfriend is so certain and convinced they have nothing to do with office supplies and it is clearly a front for the famous New York Italian Mafia. With my journalistic skills, I figured I would get to the bottom of this.

Tony Soprano or CEO of W.B. Mason?

It’s 2020 folks & who the hell still buys stationary? I mean we already know office supply companies are slowly becoming dying businesses, as Office Max laid off nearly 15,000 employees just this last year and closed 100 stores; as well as Staples who has have both lost billions in revenue & closed hundreds of stores within the last 5 years. Not only that, one of W.B. Mason’s biggest products are the #2 pencils, GROSS! Selling a product whose intended use is only for filling in scan-trons for garbage tests like the ACT or SAT, seems rather useless and barely profitable. Maybe my girlfriend is onto something.

Aside from being an office supply company, W.B. Mason, supplies furniture, hand sanitizer, groceries, coffee beans, backpacks… drugs? guns? cannolis? – basically anything the Mob can get their hands on. It is interesting that an office supply company would at random sell groceries but then again, maybe it is a part of a bigger plan to infiltrate corporate America, intentionally contracting virtually everything to high-end businesses and banks, the pride of New York. However, if you’ve spent enough time in New York City you’ve seen these trucks almost everywhere yet I can be for certain you’ve never actually seen them offload or pick up anything – in fact, half the time, the trucks seem downright abandoned… job gone wrong? Carrying muscle? Daily hits? Collecting cash? Who knows…

While it is only speculation, I in all seriousness, have never seen a W.B. mason parked anywhere near a school, bank, or a business in dire need of office supplies. Also, I have legitimately seen the same trucks parked in the same spots for days, collecting dust… or is it information for clearly something bigger? I think it also goes to show that there are always several W.B. Mason trucks roaming the Financial District, yet, no bank or major business are even open during this pandemic – suspicious! So if you are a New Yorker and you are reading this, next time you see a W.B. Mason truck, take note! But also keep a safe distance.

Maybe it is outlandish or maybe Table-side talks is tapping into dangerous uncharted territory. The New York Mob is surely alive & well, but since past mayors have made it their personal missions to rid this city of what’s left of the 5 crime families; they have all gone incognito. Turning to other fronts, possibly halal carts – come on, there’s so many of them – and W.B. Mason, the New York Mob may be climbing its way back to power, slowly gaining control of my city. Maybe its what this city needs, maybe it’s all a sham… who knows. All I know is for a company that has been around since 1898, W.B. Mason does so much more than “deliver” office supplies and everyone should keep a close eye the next time they see their signature truck.

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