Suns out, Thighs Out

Typical Midwestern Male when temperatures reach 45 degrees

As a Midwest faithful, hailing from the great state of Kansas, I know that every Midwesterner idolizes warm weather. The question is, what is typical warm weather? Well for Californians and Southerners, probably anything about 75 and little to no wind – that calls for jackets! However if there’s remotely any sunshine and temperatures as promising as 50 degrees, Midwesterners take full advantage of this “blessed” weather. Parks are full of humans, dogs, basically anything that is living, all bathing in the sun and living their best lives. For example, today was as warm as 65 degrees and the golf courses were booked – yes, on a Wednesday – and I even felt at home, as I rolled down my windows for an afternoon drive.

Maybe it’s in our blood, maybe it’s because we enjoy the simple things like sunny weather or maybe it’s because we’re just pure wheat-munching, grass-fed Angus-beef-eating, humans that don’t believe in cold weather. Midwesterners are a different breed. Maybe it’s because we’re so used to cold weather & we celebrate every day that is remotely warm, as that logically makes sense. Not to mention, Wisconsin & Minnesota are a part of the Midwest, which may be mind-boggling, but then again, what the region are you going to put them in? After all, they are all farm states, am-i-right?

Just a few days ago, I was strolling through the adult version of a candy store, “Lukas Liquors,” buying myself some tasty IPAs and on a day where it was maybe 49 degrees, I counted at least 7 pairs of flip-flops. Midwesterners refuse to change and I admire their tenacity. Because, I too, when it is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, I feel the urge to wear some-what summer clothing.

Maybe it’s breaking the stigma on adapting to cold-weather or maybe it’s the fact that Midwesterners are better at responding to cold temperatures than the usual American. Midwesterners are proud of where their from, regardless of the state. While we can get into the true politics of what one believes, I think it is more that charming Midwesterners, time after time, are so proud of where their from above all political beliefs. So, laugh at the fact I am from the same state that the Wizard of Oz is based, it’s also the same state to MVP-winning quarter-back, Patrick Mahomes and my KC Chiefs; that will certainly “run it back” and win another Super Bowl this year. Knock on wood.

Ultimately, if you are born & raised Midwestern, you understand the culture that surrounds you… here in Kansas & throughout the Midwest. All I know is, stay loyal to your state and when it is 60 degrees outside, wear those shorts! You know you want to! No one is judging you & while flip-flops may be to the ultimate extremes, it is all but understandable in warm weather. As I write this today on my porch in near the “warmest” clothing all I have worn all year, I understand the Midwestern approach. Whether that is wearing shorts & flip-flops in December or not, just be yourself!

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