Only a real Knockout will bring Jake Paul to Reality

Seriously, this dude will not stop. Delusional clout-chaser wants all the smoke from Conor McGregor and has personally attacked his persona. Just recently, Jake Paul unfollowed everyone on his instagram, except 1 person: Conor Mcgregor’s fiancee. Not only that, Jake Paul has posted several videos calling McGregor a p***y and an Irish c**t, hoping to get his attention. While several children are consumed by this “brave” behavior, it exemplifies nothing less than that of a meme-like character such as “rapper,” 6ix9ine. Jake Paul has surely run out of ideas and is now doing whatever necessary to stay relevant in this society, even if it means getting his ass kicked in a boxing match again professional fighter, Conor McGregor.

In an outrageous display of insanity and childish behavior, Jake Paul has called for a $50 million dollar fight between the two of them. This is nothing more than a clear display of someone attempting to put money in his pocket for the purpose of publicity. He could care less on whether he gets killed in this match, so long as it puts several zeros in his bank account. While I applaud him for his actions and what he is clearly trying to accomplish here, he will surely realize his mistake and that even such sh*t-housery has consequences. If McGregor decides to fight him, I hope it is for a Big Mac and punch of reality, not a ridiculous fee. I mean what league or corporation would pay someone like Jake Paul 25 million dollars to lose in an exhibition match. How is this not discrediting toward professional boxers who have spent their whole lives getting paid the bare minimum for professional matches? There is no standard here.

While he’s at it, why doesn’t Jake fight Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury? Two of the best modern boxers that would potentially murder Paul, yet here he is fighting a UFC fighter who’s rarely boxed. At the same time, there is no chance he beats McGregor, a man who lasted 8 rounds against the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Only God can protect this man at this point.

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